January 2023 Minutes

Carlton Scroop and Normanton Parish Council

Minutes of the Meeting of Carlton Scroop and Normanton Parish Council held at Carlton Scroop and Normanton Village Hall on Monday 30 January 2023

Public Forum

There were eight members of the public in attendance.  One member of the public asked if there was any update on the traveller’s site.  The Chair responded that he had no further information other than planning permission had been refused.  

Another member of the public asked if there had been any progress on the speed limit reduction through Carlton Scroop.  The Chair reported that County Councillor Maughan had advised that the project would be completed this financial year.  A member of the public asked if there had been any action on the Community Speedwatch initiative.  The Chair responded that it had been deferred until the reduction in speed limit to see what impact this had.  The same person also asked whether the Council was aware that one of the fingers had fallen off the fingerpost sign at the junction of Sudbrook Road.  The Chair responded that this would need to be followed up with County Councillor Maughan.
Action: The Clerk to follow up responsibility for the repair of the fingerpost sign with Cllr Maughan.

A member of the public asked whether the Council had made representations on the planning application submitted to extend the hours of operation of the recycling plant (PL137/22 Mid-UK Caythorpe).  The Chair responded that Councillors may have made representations as individuals but that the Council had not as they understood that there would not be an impact on traffic.  County Councillor Maughan noted that a previous planning application to operate machinery through the night had been withdrawn after Lincolnshire County Council had obtained a report from a noise consultant.  The application had been resubmitted with changes to the cladding and soundproofing of the building.  LCC had been clear that they would not permit deliveries outside the agreed timeframe.

The Chair thanked the members of the public for their attendance.  They remained to observe the meeting.

The Chair opened the meeting at 7.40pm.

In attendance:

Councillor Johnston Calder (Chair), Councillor John England, Councillor Bridget Hankinson, Councillor Jo Worrell, County Councillor Alexander Maughan, Mr Alan Thomas, candidate for co-option, Mrs Nikki Gascoigne, candidate for Clerk and RFO vacancy.

1.    Welcome (22/01/01)

1.1.   The Chair welcomed those present and thanked them for their attendance.  He informed Councillors  that he wished to stand down as a Councillor for personal reasons with effect from 2 February and that he wished to resign the Chair with immediate effect.  Councillors thanked Councillor Calder for his contribution to the Council during his time as Chair.

2.    Recruitment of New Council Member (22/01/02)

2.1.   Councillor Calder reported that an application for co-option had been received from Alan Thomas in  response to the notification of vacancy placed following the resignation of Councillor Baker-Browne.   Councillor Calder proposed that Mr Thomas be co-opted onto the Council, which was seconded by  Councillor England.  There were no other candidates.

Resolved: To co-opt Councillor Thomas onto the Council.

Action: The Clerk to forward Declaration of Acceptance of Office and Declaration of Pecuniary  Interest forms to Councillor Thomas for completion.

3.    Election of New Chair (22/01/03)

3.1.   Councillor Calder proposed that Councillor Thomas be elected Chair of the Council, which was  seconded by Councillor Hankinson.  Councillor Thomas confirmed that he wished to stand and  there were no other candidates.

Resolved: To elect Councillor Thomas as Chair of the Council.

4.    Election of Vice-Chair (22/01/04)

4.1.   Councillor Calder proposed that Councillor Hankinson be elected Vice-Chair of the Council, which  was seconded by Councillor England.  Councillor Hankinson confirmed that she wished to stand  and there were no other candidates.

Resolved: To elect Councillor Hankinson as Vice-Chair of the Council.

5.    Appointment of New Clerk (22/01/05)

5.1.   Councillor Thomas proposed that Mrs Gascoigne, who had previously been employed by the  Council as Clerk and RFO in 2020/21, be re-engaged on a temporary basis until June 2023 on the  same contractual terms and pay scale as during her previous employment.

Resolved: To engage Mrs Gascoigne as Clerk and RFO until 30 June 2023 and thereafter subject  to agreement by both parties.

6.    Apologies for Absence (22/01/06)

6.1.   Apologies had been received from Councillor Baines and District Councillor Ian Stokes.

7.    Declaration of Pecuniary Interest and Requests for Dispensations (22/01/07)

7.1.   There were no declarations of pecuniary interests or requests for dispensations.

8.    Approval of Draft Minutes (22/01/08)

8.1.   Councillor Calder proposed that the minutes of the meeting held on 28 November be approved as a  true record, which was seconded by Councillor England.

Resolved: To approve the minutes of the meeting which were duly signed by the Chair.

9.    Matters Arising from the Last Meeting (22/01/09)

9.1.   Councillor Hankinson reported that bulb planting had been completed. Councillor Thomas asked  whether there had been any progress on communications and the  newsletter and asked whether it  would be possible to revive the News and Views article, along with a Parish newsletter to be  delivered to homes subject to logistics and cost.  Councillor England volunteered to assist if  required.

Action: Councillor Thomas to liaise with the Clerk regarding communications.

9.2.   Councillor Thomas asked whether the hedge next to the Village Hall had been trimmed.  In the  absence of Councillor Baines, Mr Dick Baines reported that the matter had been resolved.   Councillor Thomas asked whether the village information booklet had been completed.  Councillor  Hankinson responded that she had not gone to print whilst there were personnel changes in  progress, but that she would circulate the draft to Members.

Action: Councillor Hankinson to circulate the draft village information booklet to Councillors.

10.    District and County Councillors Reports (22/01/10)

10.1.   County Councillor Maughan reported that LCC’s budget had gone out for consultation ahead of  approval at the full Council meeting in February.  Proposals included £177m expenditure on  Adult Social Care and Community Welfare, £97m on Children’s Services, £47m (including a £9m  increase to reflect inflation) on Highways and £22m on Fire and Rescue.  The increases in costs  would be offset through efficiency savings and smarter working as well as the use of reserves,  which would be dependent on the percentage Council Tax rise agreed.  A 3% increase in Council  Tax would equate to a Band D equivalent charge of £1475, whereas a 5% increase would raise this  by £29.

10.2.   County Councillor Maughan informed Councillors that there would be £130m of capital expenditure  on projects including roads, schools and flood defences.  Expenditure on the Grantham bypass  would be recovered through contributions from housing developers.  The second phase of the  bypass was now open, with the final phase on track to be complete by 2025 and the bridge due to  cost £15m.  Councillor England asked whether the bypass had been worthwhile.  Councillor  Maughan responded that it offered an alternative for HGVs, in particular, to travel from the A52 to  the A1 without going through  Grantham.

10.3.   Councillor Maughan highlighted cost of living support that had been provided to vulnerable people  through the Household Support Fund. Support had been given to children through schools and to  people in receipt of housing benefit, as well as discretionary payments, and more information  could be found on the LCC website.

10.4.   Councillor Thomas asked if there had been a direction from the government on the maximum  permitted Council Tax increase.  Councillor Maughan responded that Councils could increase     Council Tax by up to 5% before a referendum was required.  The LCC budget was based on a 3%  increase, but this was not a recommendation to Council as information on the Local Government  settlement had been received very late.

10.5.   Councillor Calder asked if there was any further update on the speed limit reduction.  Councillor  Maughan replied that the order had been placed for the signs with the intention of them being  installed before the end of the financial year.  He recognised the frustrations of the lack of budget   allocated to traffic orders, but noted that there were competing priorities with maintenance issues  such as potholes.

11.    Finance (22/01/11)

11.1.   Finance Report

Members noted the Finance Report including bank reconciliation previously circulated by Councillor  Calder.  Councillor Calder noted that the Council was in a strong financial position, having made  savings on the Clerk’s salary during the financial year and was therefore in a good position to carry  out the Parish Plan objectives.  The Council had also resolved not to increase the precept for the  forthcoming financial year.

Members approved the following payment:

24/01/2023   Flower bulbs    £65.00

Resolved: To approve the payment and the bank reconciliations contained in the finance  report.

11.2.   Jubilee Field Hedgerows

Members considered quotes received for laying hedgerows in Jubilee Field.   Councillor Calder  proposed that the quote from Palmer’s be accepted on the basis that it was the lowest cost and the  company had  carried out work previously for the Council which was of good quality, which was  seconded by Councillor England.

Resolved: To accept the quote from Palmer’s.

Action: Councillor Calder to contact Councillor Baines with regard to progressing the work

11.3.   Defibrillator Signage, Batteries and Pads

Councillor Worrell referred to the quote for signage previously circulated, at a cost of £95.  She also  reported that to replace an existing cabinet at Normanton which had faults would  cost £450 plus  £250 fitting costs for an unlocked cabinet and £750 for a locked cabinet.  Members discussed  ease of access to the defibrillators allowed by an unlocked cabinet against the potential for theft  and  vandalism and confirmed that in principle their preference was for a locked cabinet.  Councillor  Worrell reported that the batteries and pads for the current defibrillator could be replaced at a cost  of £280, but that this would increase significantly in price after 31 January.  Members discussed  whether it would be more economical to replace the cabinet, batteries and pads, or to consider  purchasing a replacement defibrillator and agreed that the former was the preferred option at least   until the next battery replacement was due in 2025.

Resolved: To approve the purchase of signage at a cost of £95 and batteries and pads at a cost of  £280.  To consider the purchase of a new cabinet at the next meeting.

Action: Councillor Worrell to obtain further quotes for a replacement cabinet and the Clerk to add to  the next agenda.

12.    Planning (22/01/12)

12.1.   Planning Application PL137/22 had been discussed during the public session, and there was no  further planning correspondence.

13.    Village Hall – Warm Hub (22/01/13)

13.1.   Councillor Thomas reported that he had spoken to representatives of the Village Hall who would be  happy to operate a potential Warm Hub in the Social Club, and there was scope for grant funding to be provided by the Carlton Scroop Parish Charities and the Parish Council. Councillor England  asked whether it was possible to measure demand.  Councillor Thomas responded that during  Covid, the community had provided services such as the collection of prescriptions which were  advertised via leaflets through doors, and this might operate in a similar way.  A member of the  public asked whether transport might be provided for those who could not access the Hall  otherwise, and Councillor Thomas confirmed that this could be considered.  The Council supported  the principle of the Hub, and Councillor Thomas agreed to take the matter forward and to revert to  the Council if required.   

Action: The Clerk to forward information from South Kesteven District Council on Warm Hubs to  Councillor Thomas.

14.    Parish Plan (22/01/14)

14.1.   Action: Councillor Calder to circulate an updated action plan to Councillors and the Clerk.

15.    Highways (22/01/15)

15.1.   Councillor Calder reported that there were no outstanding issues on Fix My Street, but that a report  would be made for the fingerpost depending on Councillor Maughan’s response on responsibility for  it.  Councillor Thomas asked whether a report could be made about the road surface at the top of  Charity Street and Sudbrook Lane.  He also noted that there had been a serious accident on  Baines’ Corner and one on Charity Street.  Councillor Calder noted that he had reported these and  that the area had since been tidied and the sign fixed.

Action: The Clerk to report the condition of the road surface at Charity Street and Sudbrook  Lane on Fix My Street.

16.    Policies (22/01/16)

16.1.   Action: Councillor Calder to pass the Policy Review Schedule to the Clerk.

17.    Dates of Future Meetings (22/01/17)


20 March 2023
15 May 2023 (Annual Parish Council Meeting also Annual Parish Meeting).
31 July 2023
25 September 2023
27 November 2023
29 January 2024
25 March 2024