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REDUCE SPEED LIMIT ON A607 THROUGH CARLTON SCROOP TO 30 MPH.  Excellent news. Lincolnshire County Council have agreed with the Parish Council’s request to reduce the speed limit and are proposing a new 30mph speed limit.   However, before proceeding further, they wish to consider the views of residents and organisations who may be interested in this matter. We are on the final stretch.

IMPORTANT   Before 29th April, please lodge your support to reducing the speed limit to 30 MPH to Jamie Earls, Senior Traffic Engineer on

  • Since at least 2008 the 40 MPH speed limit has been an issue of concern for residents. Register your support to reduce the speed limit to 30 MPH now.

SKDC PLANNING COMMITTEE.  On 7 April the SKDC Planning Committee will consider the application S22/0091. If you wish to speak at the meeting please email:

PARISH PLAN – The Parish Plan is now on the website. It is a forward-looking document looking over the next 5 years.

RECREATION AREA CARLTON SCROOP. Improvement to the Recreation Area is an objective in the Parish Plan. Two picnic tables have been added to the recently refurbished seating bench are now in situ. Also note that as part of celebrations for the Queens Platinum Jubilee this unnamed Recreation Area has been named Jubilee Field. It is hoped to use the venue for a picnic event  “Big Jubilee Lunch” on Sunday 5th June. More info to follow.     

BEECH TREES SURROUNDING CEMETERY AND JUBILEE FIELD CARLTON SCROOP.  What once were hedges are now overgrown, they are now tall getting taller beech trees. Action is needed and in the near future the hedges will be laid. What is hedgelaying? – please click link:  Hedgelaying Benefits        This will future proof the boundary between the cemetery and the Jubilee Field providing a long lasting, wildlife friendly aesthetically pleasing boundary.  This is in tandem with the rolling 5-year Parish Plan. It is intended to maintain the height of the hedges at around 2 metres although it is recognised that initially after the laying process the hedge will be lower and it will take a 2 -3 years to get to the planned height.


Published: Thursday, 31st March 2022