Reference the planning application to change use of area of land adjacent to A607 near Main Street Carlton Scroop.


The planning application is a resubmission of an earlier application that was withdrawn. Cllrs Alexander Maughan has been involved in monitoring this application. His comments are below:

“As promised a short update below on my discussions with LCC planning from Friday. 

The application is a resubmission of the application from 2022 regarding activities in buildings 9 and 10.

The application does not propose any changes to HGV traffic movements/activity on the site beyond existing permissions. You will be aware that Mid UK currently operate at that site below their maximum permitted tonnage level. 

The County Council have made clear that the existing restrictions on HGV movements and delivery times to the site will remain in place. 

Therefore, to my mind and that of the planners, the pertinent planning issue strictly relating to the new application (and the issue which resulted in withdrawal of the application last year) is around noise.

LCC have commissioned their own independent noise assessment, just as they did last year, to consider the impact on the nearest receptors at Caythorpe. I had a call with the planners on Friday to run through these issues and I am expecting a further call from them once the noise assessment results are completed. LCC planning are waiting on the outcome of that assessment before making any judgement on whether this application is acceptable in planning terms. I will update residents and Parish Councils as appropriate once that evidence is in. 

Due to the high public interest, the planning application will be considered by the LCC planning committee, and we expect this to be at the meeting on 13th March. There is no public forum for residents to speak at this meeting but you are able to observe either in person or online. I will confirm this date and further details with planners once we have all of the information back.  

Hope this helps clarify the current position.”


Published: Tuesday, 24th January 2023