Carlton Scroop and Normanton on Cliffe Procedure in connection with Covid19 virus outbreak
Due to the uncertainty in respect of the spread of the Covid 19 / Corona Virus and in order to limit risk to any member of the public, elected members and members of staff and not withstanding any relevant Government legislation or advice pertaining to best and safe practice, the following proposals should be placed before the Parish Council
1.0     The Parish Council recognizes the prime importance of public and personal safety and this supersedes routine business, meetings, service provision or service delivery of the Council. As such all scheduled public meetings will be cancelled, initially, until 30 July 2020. This will be reviewed in the interim in line with government guidance and direction
2.0     That as the above cancellation proposal has a direct impact on the Annual Parish Meeting, the posts held by elected members (Chair, Vice Chair, Committee Members, Organisation Representatives) will remain the same until a suitable and safe public meeting is called and held.
It is recognised that the above proposal is contrary to existing legislation (as of date of proposal) but has been raised in the interest of public safety and wellbeing.
3.0      The list of cheque payments normally presented to the Council at meetings will be prepared by the RFO in conjunction with the F and R Committee to be presented via e-mail to the elected members for payment authorisation (and publication)
4.0      These proposals, if accepted, to be published in the village notice boards, on Council website and a precis in the parish magazine.
These proposals have been put forward in closed session in accordance with Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960