September 2018 Minutes


Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held in the Village Hall on Monday 17 September 2018

Present: Cllr J Couzens – Chair: Cllr Rainthorpe, Cllr Baker-Browne, Cllr Hankinson, Cllr Maughan and Mr A Illingworth (Clerk).

Chair welcomed all present and opened the floor to the public.

Public Forum – commenced 7.34

Two members of the public were present.

Following a recent incident, a resident asked if a defib could be placed at the Village Hall. The resident was unaware there were two defibs in the village and if it not been for a neighbour they would not have located the second.

The Chair explained the defibs were situated in the phone box in Normanton, with the other being sighted at the Golf Club, which is central to the village. After discussion Council resolved to investigating funding for another defib. This to be placed on the next agenda.

Session closed at 7.43 when the Chair opened the Council meeting.

2    Apologies (18/223)

Apologies received from Cllr Hutton, Cllr Hankinson and Cllr Naheem. Cllr Maughan gave apologies for Cllr Karberry-Brown. Reasons for absence noted and approved by Council.

3    Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations


4    Signing of the minutes (18/224)

Council resolved to accept the Clerks notes of the meeting held 9 July 2018 as a true reflection of the meeting.

5    Report from District and County Councillors (18/225)

No report given by Cllr Karberry – Brown due to being absent. Cllr Maughan gave his report. See attached.

The Chair explained the latest application received from Mid UK was in fact retrospective and that during the past few years many applications have been the same. The Council resolved to contact planning with a request for a planning gain to pay for a footpath between Carlton Scroop and Normanton.

The Chair thanked Cllr Maughan for all his work to date.

Meeting was closed at 8.05 to allow a late attendee to address the Council.

The Council was asked if a waste bin could be provided, to be placed in the bus shelter in Carlton. The Clerk is to contact SKDC to ask if the bin would be emptied by them.

The topic of speeding between the villages was raised as this was dangerous to walkers as there was not a footpath. The Chair explained a meeting had been held with Highways who had informed the Council they would not be providing a footpath, despite the Council pursuing this over several years. The Council have also asked for a reduction in the speed limit. Both requests are still ongoing.

Council meeting resumed at 8.25.

6    Matters arising from the minutes (18/226)

6.1    The situation regarding the cutting of the verges has been resolved. Cllr Hutton to be asked to investigate why the verges between the villages are not being cut.

6.2    Cllr Baker-Browne to obtain a white gate to be placed in position in the village.

6.3    Letter read out from the PCC giving thanks for previous donations. Work is needed to make trees on the west side of the cemetery safe and the PCC would be grateful for any donation. The Chair explained donations cannot be given for the fabric of the Church, but a donation can be given towards the tree work. After a discussion Council resolved to donate £400 to maintain the churchyard and trees.

6.4    Deferred until next meeting due to nominated person at Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership being on annual leave.

6.5    Carried forward as Cllr Hankinson not present

7 Finance (18/227)

7.1 No income received

7.2 Payments made since the last meeting

7.2.1 Community cleaner    218.04

7.2.2 Village Hall – Hire of room    62.50

7.2.3 Glendale – grass cutting    200.16

7.3 To approve the following payments

7.3.1 Community cleaner – M Fairbrother    78.30

7.3.2 CPRE Annual Subscription    36.00

7.3.3 Glendale    200.16

7.3.4 Community cleaner – K John    46.80

7.3.5 A Deptford – Defib    102.00

7.3.6 Computer to comply with GDPR and Transparency    488.98

(Funds obtained from Transparency Fund provided by LALC) Council resolved to make all payments.

8 Planning Applications (18/228)

Since the agenda a retrospective application had been received (PL/0098/18) from Mid UK for the development of a compound for the storage of commercial and industrial waste fines and retention on site. Council to send comments to planning.

Cllr Maughan to report the 50mph repeater sign on the A607 which needs repairing.

10    Parish Plan (18/230)

The Clerk read out preliminary findings. To give further report in one month

11    Correspondence (18/231)

11.1    Clerk read out email received from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Fie Safety Engagement explaining no response would be given due to GDPR.

11.2    A letter of thanks from Caythorpe, regarding the loan of the speed indicator device, read out.

12    To discuss candidate for Vacancy (18/132)

An application had been received from Mr A Thomas. After discussion members resolved to invite Mr Thomas to join the Council. Clerk to contact.

13     Items to be discussed at the next meeting


14    Next Meeting

Next meeting will be Monday 12 November at 7.20.